Bridge continuously searches for competent individuals with the right attitude who can be a part of our audit & consultancy delivery team. Our team members are committed in maintaining professional excellence, integrity and high quality in serving our valued clients.

Areas of expertise: Some of the areas of expertise that we most commonly need include Financial Modelling, Feasibility Studies, Business Valuation, Business Process Improvement & HR Management.

Key skills:We look for Project Management skills, Client Relationship Management skills, Communication skills & Presentation skills. Attitude is the key differentiator for us.

At Bridge, we assure you 'Enhanced quality', 'Hands on learning opportunities'& a 'Highly challenging environment'.

You can apply to us by submitting your recent CV (in English) with photograph. Your details will be automatically passed to a Bridge Recruiter dedicated to the handling of such applications. Should the Recruiter determine that there is a potential position for you within Bridge, they will contact you directly.





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